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Dangerous goods

Transportation of dangerous goods

The regulations for the transportation of hazardous materials by road are governed by the ADR legislation, which is a European agreement. In Sweden, the Swedish version of ADR-S is overseen by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

The definition of hazardous materials is:

”substances and objects that, due to their chemical or physical properties, could cause harm to people, the environment, or property during transport.”

Anyone working with hazardous materials needs training, regardless of their role. Those who drive hazardous materials usually require an ADR certificate, while those handling transport in roles such as loaders or unloaders require an ADR 1.3 training.

This training is also sufficient for those wishing to transport hazardous materials under the exception rules: limited amount, reduced amount, or calculated value of goods.

Additionally, all companies that handle hazardous materials must have a safety advisor with specific qualifications.