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ADR Certificate

For drivers of dangerous goods

Those who transport dangerous goods typically need an ADR certificate. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency is responsible for the ADR certificate, but the test is conducted in the Swedish Transport Agency’s system and the certificate is valid for five years. In addition to the basic level of certificate, additional competence is needed for specific transports, and there are a total of four different ADR qualifications: 

  • authorization to handle dangerous goods
  • chemicals in class 1,
  • chemicals in class 7,
  • dangerous goods in tanks.

Bear in mind that no more than four months can elapse between your ADR training and examination at the Swedish Transport Agency.

There are some exceptions when a driver carrying hazardous materials does not require an ADR certificate. These exceptions can apply to small quantities that are reduced, limited, or calculated based on their value. 

In addition, individuals and companies who handle dangerous goods as a regular part of their business may also be exempted.

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At the moment, we don’t offer trainings for ADR certificate.