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ADR 1.3

Education according to ADR 1.3. For those who handle dangerous goods at work.

A training according to ADR 1.3, in transportation of dangerous goods, is needed by you, who handle transport of dangerous goods at work. This includes you who receive goods, load or unload dangerous goods, issue transport documentation, or prepare the packaging of dangerous goods. 

The training is also intended for drivers of dangerous goods as so-called limited quantity or reduced quantity. This may be relevant if you deliver shipments to customers or colleagues.

ADR 1.3 Utbildning

What do the guidelines say?

All persons involved in the transport of dangerous goods must have received 1.3 training before carrying out tasks related to the transport of dangerous goods. 

If a person is to perform tasks for which they lack training, this may only be done under the supervision of a trained person. 

The purpose of the training is to provide staff with knowledge of the risks and dangers associated with the dangerous goods they handle and the applicable regulations.

Source: MSB.”

The MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) recommends that those involved in the transport of dangerous goods update their ADR 1.3 education every two years. This is because the regulation is regularly updated based on recommendations from the United Nations. The recurring training should be documented by the employer.

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Content ADR 1.3 Training

Regulations for dangerous goods

Classification of dangerous goods


Marking of packaging and transport

Transport documents for dangerous goods

Exceptions from ADR regulations

Functions and Responsibilities

Safety during transport

Transport protection

Reporting of accidents and incidents

Personal certificate of completed training